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Often, I would receive last-minute briefs from our Samsung Pay client requesting assets that were supposed to live in an in-app carousel. Most briefs asked for a seasonal theme to be applied to the creative and copy, such as holidays or Black Friday. With such short notice and little to no strategy behind the requests, it was difficult to determine a way to make the creative feel connected to a greater brand story. Taking matters into my own hands, I proactively created a campaign strategy for seasonal promotions that made all of the various asks work together to tell a cohesive story. This change sparked excitement and drove great business results.


The Black Friday advertising space is crowded, and we wanted to set Samsung Pay’s Black Friday creative apart from both other Samsung initiatives and other brands. Samsung Pay was offering a variety of promotions and deals for users, so we used that as a starting point. We created a countdown featuring different offers each day, which drove consumers to come back and visit daily. A three-panel creative takeover emphasized the importance of this event, and allowed for additional marketing space.

Landing - 1.jpg
Landing - 2.jpg


In general, creative holiday campaigns are overrun with reds, greens, Christmas trees, snow and the like. This concept was meant to inspire holiday feelings without the traditional colors and imagery. This creative treatment was applied to most promotions live during December within Samsung Pay.

Home Panel -lastchance.jpg
Landing - lastchance.jpg
Landing - paysweeps.jpg
Home Panel - paysweeps.jpg
Home Panel -green monday.jpg
Landing - greenmonday.jpg


After the holiday season, I wanted to focus on an elevated winter concept. This was inspired by the default screen on the Galaxy Note10. Simple icons/imagery allowed the promotion messaging to shine.

Home Panel - PostHolidayGC.jpg
Landing - PostHolidayGC.jpg
Landing - Travelex.jpg
Home Panel - Travelex.jpg
Home Panel - TravelandFit.jpg
Landing - TravelandFit.jpg

Creative Director: Mike Leser

Copywriter: Janelle Witting

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