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Samsung Pay is more than just a mobile wallet. Users can earn cash back by shopping at their favorite merchants, save on discounted gift cards, and participate in special promotions with prominent partner brands. Users also earn Samsung Rewards points with each transaction. Samsung is always looking to boost daily and active monthly users by advertising the perks of the app aside from the typical transactions.


The problem

Lack of strategy and cohesive briefs lead to disjointed and often confusing creative within the app experience. My team was constantly trying to force different merchants into seasonal or arbitrary themes that didn't make sense when compared to business objectives.  It was time to reevaluate.

Creating a new design system

Implementing distinct design systems for both cash back and gift cards allows users to immediately recognize the type of promotion they are viewing. The refreshed designs focused on the merchants/retailers first, leveraging brand equity and reducing the use of busy lifestyle images.

This allowed us to determine how we want to position each promotion with merchants in mind, and the creative felt fresh and familiar instead of forced and confusing.

Gift Card Promotions

The layout is designed to be adaptable to different types of promotions and retailers. Embracing the simplicity of a gift card, this design allows users to immediately recognize the brand being featured. Bold colors, headlines and hints of lifestyle imagery give a cohesive look, no matter the brand.


Leverage Brand Equity

generic gc copy.png

Product Awareness

multipple gc.jpg



CASH BACK Promotions

With a modular design meant to distinguish it from gift card creative, this style allows for one or multiple featured merchants. The focus is placed on merchant branding, and leaves room for elevated lifestyle imagery if the brand supports it.

booking lifestyle.jpg

Elevated Lifestyle imagery

Cashback bubbles 2.jpg

Modular Design

CASHBACK copy 3.jpg



Creative Directors: Mike Leser, Kinley Clifford

Copywriter: Janelle Witting

Creative Support: Maddi Lelli

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